Final in house party for the season! Next Friday and Saturday October 2nd and 3rd.

Please come in or order some food to go and support us while we prepare for the cold weather coming in.

Hello friends.

This is not our typical newsletter to you.

During this pandemic we have strived to be positive influences on those around us. We have put on happy faces, created events we hoped would take people's minds off of what was happening around us and when asked how we were doing we simply replied "we're cruising". We aren't cruising. Very few restaurants are.

Our industry is challenging at baseline- Our margins are thin, our hours are long and our kitchens are hot, but we love it. We do it because we love seeing our friends sitting at our bar smiling. We do it because we see your children grow before our eyes. And most of all we do it because we believe we can make people's lives just a little bit better with delicious food, friendly service and in different times with a hug. These are not those times. 

Our reality is that we can currently strive only to be so busy. We can only fill so many seats before we are being unethical and unsafe for our community. The economics of that just don't add up. The winter months ahead are going to be some of the most difficult that our industry has ever seen. Our beautiful weather is going to give way to cold and with it our ability to spread out. We cannot operate in that way. It is getting cold and time for us to make some moves forward.

It's in saying this that we announce that we will be closing our dining room for dine-in immediately. Tonight, Saturday September 26th will be our last night with our full menu. 

But we aren't going away. How could we? We are fighters and if all goes well we will open up in the Spring stronger. Throughout the winter we are taking control and cutting our costs as best we can. That means we will not be open for dine-in most nights and the days that we do will have a controlled, fun menu. We are planning to return to our family meal take-out in some capacity. More excitingly, we will have the ability to be a pop-up concept one week and host a wine dinner the next. We can offer cooking, wine or cocktail classes. We can chef or bartend in your home. We have a space that is available for private events both lunch and dinner. We have a lifeline right now and we see a path to make it through the winter. There is no blueprint for what's ahead but we believe by controlling our costs, doing take-out and having fun events we give ourselves a chance to be your neighborhood restaurant for years to come. 

If all goes according to plan we get to open up in Spring to a different world. We do believe that our country will be able to wrap its arms around this virus by then in some fashion and our life is likely to go back to some form of normalcy. That return is not immediate but it is around the corner. 

While we hunker down over the winter we hope that you find ways to support restaurants that continue to operate as usual as well as supporting us. We have so many friends in this industry that we respect so much that need your support now more than ever! The same way we are asking for support, they undoubtedly need it as well! 

In the meantime please stay posted for take-out dinners, events, pop-up themes, random regular days and wine or beer dinners. If you have an event that you think we can host please let us know- we would love to see you! We are going to take a week to catch our breath. We will follow up with an email in the next week with our first event. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook as well for upcoming events.

We will have one final send off next weekend before we tuck in. We have a BBQ night next Friday and a Taco night next Saturday. Please make a reservation so we know you are coming!

Stay safe and eat well!

Sincerely, Your Brightmarten

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Parking is generally abundant. We have a parking lot on the North side of our building, & street parking is plentiful in our corner of Bonnie Brae. Please pay attention to our neighbor's posted requests & street parking regulations.


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